Intergalactic Soteriology: Christianity Prepares for Aliens


There’s been a bit of buzz in the church about aliens as of late and, not surprisingly, the doom and gloomers are prepared to condemn ET to an eternity of fire and torment.

Kenneth Ham is the Creation Scientist (if it can be called science) who had a debate with Bill Nye. I think his heart and the quality of his “gospel” speaks for itself. Here is a link to Ham’s trusty theology.

I think it’s safe to say that, even in a world where fundamentalist crazy exists in abundance, that Ham is an outlier among them. I have a little more faith in humanity and, sometimes, that faith is encouraged by none other than Pope Francis.   His take on Martians (here’s the link) is solid evidence that he and I could be good friends.

It’s funny how two ideas of Christianity can be so radically different and a little discussion on aliens is all it takes to reveal it.

Enjoy ^_^


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