On the Nature of Religion

I’m beginning to realize that part of my lack of interest in posting as of late isn’t just being busy with my new job.  Anyone who goes through chronic depression cycles can testify to those periods when the body is just chemically low and creative motivation goes out the window.  I’m there.  I’m low.  And as always I just need to live my way through it.  I mean live actively, not simply be alive through it.  There’s a huge difference.

That being said yoga and rest will be my routine and, for the time being, I will let Frank Herbert do my speaking for me.  As I read the six books of his Dune series I cannot think of a single quote in the entire history of my reading that his hit me with more significance than what I have posted here.  Where the Litany Against Fear has been something that stands with me in a day to day manner, the quote below defines Jesus’ harsh critique of the Pharisees as compared to those who understood seeking the life of God.  I hope it impacts all of you similarly.

Orange Religion


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