EDUC932 ISTE Standards

Which of the ISTE Standards for Students is most important for you to address in your class? Explain why.

Without a doubt Communication and Collaboration is the most critical of the ISTE standards.  As a math teacher, one of the greatest challenges in math during this time, I believe, is the connection between social learning, mathematics, and the ability to give meaning to the math that students are learning.

One of the most interesting conversation in the math world right now is the philosophy that proof and proving are social constructs.  Math, like any science, requires hypotheses and scientific processes that are rigid and subject to peer review.  One of my goals as a math teacher is to promote professional social development where students learn what is necessary in order to communicate their ideas while giving and receiving constructive feedback.  This is not always done in the math classroom.  Indeed, many teachers never realize the importance of giving our students clear models through which creative and innovative discussion can take place.

Recently, in my pre-calculus class, a team of three girls modeled social learning in combination with technology in an exemplary fashion.  They designed a presentation connecting trigonometry to art.  They used an online graphing tool to model different trigonometric equations, screen captured their results, and added their own artistic ideas to the cluster of graphs.

Another example, more geared towards global learning, is what is being referred to as the “mathematical periodic table of elements.”  A team of mathematicians are cataloging the world’s collective body of mathematical knowledge into a sort of user-friendly atlas.  The hope is that the atlas will provide a big picture view of what we have and will allow us to make new connections and discoveries.  The atlas is linked here.



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2 responses to “EDUC932 ISTE Standards”

  1. stevekatz says :

    Excellent post, and I can’t agree with you more. The sciences (actually all disciplines) need strong communicators. I’ve seen the atlas before. I’m not a mathematician, but it is some pretty interesting stuff.


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