EDUC 932 Presentation Unit: ESPs

Good day “class.”  Today we will begin our first explore and share projects (ESPs) for the year.  Below you will find the following:

1. A link to the project rubric.  READ THIS CAREFULLY.
2. A sample lesson video.  While you watch the sample lesson you should try to find the ways that it meets the requirements of the rubric.
3. A sample activity video.  You should notice that I teach you how to do the activity very clearly before I ask you to do it.
4. A link to the submission folder.  This folder is where you will submit your work.  There are clear instructions in the rubric.  I have submitted my own work as an example.

Click HERE for the ESP Rubric

And click HERE to access the project submission folder.

Sample Lesson:

Sample Activity:


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One response to “EDUC 932 Presentation Unit: ESPs”

  1. mmawson says :

    Very interesting. The nautilus shell is so beautiful, what a great way to relate to fractals. I wish I saw more of them in the wild though.

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