EDUC 932: Favorite Lesson

“My Favorite Lesson” Share a lesson that you have done that you feel good about. Describe the lesson and explain why it is a favorite of yours. What is the learning objective (“Students will be able to…”)? How do the students react to this lesson? Include the name and grade level of this lesson.

My favorite lesson is one that I entitled “The history of 360 degrees.”  The objective of the lesson is two fold.  One is that the students recognize and articulate that mathematical convention comes from culture.  The other is that the students can demonstrate the construction of a number in a base-n system.  The common number system is a base 10 system, whereas the Babylonian system, where 360 degrees comes from, was a base 60 system.

The students reactions go one of two ways: 1. This is lame and what’s the point or 2. They become highly invested in learning how to work within systems of other bases.  I think they are fascinated by the concept that there are other ways to construct number than what they grew up with.  It’s my favorite because the students are motivated to explore the concept and it gives them space to think outside of the box and reconceptualize a convention that they never realized could be questioned.


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