EDUC 932: Favorite Tool

What is your favorite tool you’ve learned about in the class so far? Why is it your favorite? How will you use it in your class?

At one time I felt like Google classrooms and Google sites offered essentially the same thing, but after using LMSs like Schoology and Blackboard my thoughts on the matter have changed.  I’ve just begun teaching summer school so I decided to experiment with Google Classroom because I like some of the forum style social learning provided by the LMS.

The benefits are becoming more apparent with use.  I like the 24-7 access to assignments, but that’s not new to me.  LMSs offer centrality for both communication and assignment collection.  Time of submission is always available.  I also like that students can contribute as they so desire.  There does not need to be an assignment to justify sharing, which is something I will encourage with my future classes.

I hated using Youtube editor and I generally dislike the tedium of making videos and certain other forms of media, but having the project sample videos available online has already proven highly useful for summer school.  I will be making use of youtube or another video hosting site consistently for this purpose.  The editing is a lot of work, but it’s offering clarity to my students which makes the process worth my time.


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One response to “EDUC 932: Favorite Tool”

  1. stevekatz says :

    YouTube Editor gets easier as you use it. I think you might be surprised how fast you will be able to create a movie after a little practice.

    I used Classroom this semester and loved it. Google continues to make it better, and in the fall there is supposed to be an option for parents to receive a weekly email digest. That will be helpful.

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