Watch Ruben Puentedura explain the SAMR model for classroom technology use. Describe a lesson you have observed or taught that would be classified by Dr. Puentedura as “redefinition.” If you have never witnessed this type of lesson, describe a “modification” lesson. If you have not witnessed either, explain why you think this level of technology integration is not happening at your school. Feel free to share any resources for this lesson that would be useful to others.

To my knowledge the closest thing to a modification level lesson that I can recall was a Google Apps for Education training session that I attended 2 years ago.  A google doc was opened and it was used to teach the group how to use the technology by inviting us to use it together.  Something similar was done with a Google Form.  One colleague of mine used Aurasma to create an interactive bulletin board with his students.  I’ve used powerpoint at the Augmentation level for years.  Many of my lessons included powerpoint and a variety of media used in combination.  I never received training beyond this so have little familiarity with the M or R level.

The reason is simple and, unfortunately, all too common in some schools: irrelevant professional development.  I’ve been to more in-service PD pods about differentiation than I can count, but they have rarely served to be useful as tangible and proven best practice was often not the focus and empty, contextless theory was presented.  I often find that technology is treated more as a flashy object to impress parents than it is a useful learning tool, which is quite sad.  The potential that proper technological integration holds is incredible, but without proper training and exposure to best practice the volume of technologies and the learning curve required to adapt to each program is daunting and I believe many teachers are consequently discouraged from attempting this on their own.


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2 responses to “EDUC 932: SAMR”

  1. stevekatz says :

    You are absolutely right. Without the proper PD quality integration is not going to happen. Schools need to invest in ongoing training that is easily accessible. Unfortunately, most schools see the purchase as the school’s final responsibility. I recommend getting to some conferences like Learning2 and 21CLHK. You will be inspired there.

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